You find IFTTT too much closed and limited by the proposed channels count ? You’ve tested Zapier, but don’t want to pay for it ? If you have a small Linux at disposal, like a Raspberry PI, and you accept to put your hands in sludge, then Huginn is made for you !

Huginn, that's it !

Huginn, that’s it !

Huginn is a Ruby on Rails application which allows listening of various events to trigger actions. For example, you can get notified by mail when rain is forecasted in your area, or when a subject is mentioned more than usual on Twitter, or even create a RSS feed from any website that doesn’t publish one. Wiki is available on Github, and contains enough information to get an idea. It is more complexe as IFTTT and more like Yahoo! Pipes, as you can chain data between many treatment agents.

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Here is my first headache wrote down on paper, or rather on keyboard, and it’s related to Maven !

In context of a project composed of many modules, writing unit tests for each module is required. Unit tests also mean dependencies in test scope, like junit, mockito, and so. In this post, you will find a trap to avoid, and an solution to manage your test dependencies better in context of a maven project.

I’ve managed to simplify the case that gaves me this headache for a easier presentation. You will find related sources on GitHub.

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It is decided, against all odds and after 8 years of loyalty … I leave Eclipse.

But I love it …

Such decision is not something to take lightly. We all like our development environment. We are even convinced that this is the best. We have our marks, habbits, and we are fast, focused and effective with it. It make us even stronger by the productivity it brings. Despite the passing of time, we still find some features which prove that it is rich, comprehensive and practical.

Of course, we can find it some defects, or even worse : some bugs ! But we expect that, we bypasse them, and we patiently wait the next version. Finally, we stay because we are addict, and especially convinced that nothing else will do better …

Change Ahead

Change Ahead

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To all practitioners of keyboard and line code, I welcome you !

On this blog, i wish simply share my passion for software development, my experiences, my feelings about various technologies, and discuss with anybody who’s interested.

Specifically, i would like you to step back and think about methods and technologies you are using. People reuse the same recipes, again and again, since many year. But to progress, evolve and go frontward, we must listen to what’s the computing of tomorrow will be.

Challenging yourself, leaving you comfort zone, discovering new technologies, this is an effort that can worth it. We are all looking for simplify life, be more effective, more fast, or enrich our technical culture. If you are in the same perpective, you should follow this blog.

With your reactions, your comments, and i hope our future computing-philosoco debates, we should, all together, go forward and getting better.

Looking for me is useless, i'm NOT here!

Looking for me is useless, i’m NOT here!

I am an autodidact. I’ve learned alone, by reading various books, and i’ve done it young enough for this passion to become my profession. Today, i’m a happy software developer, and i keep spending time to learn.

Having diplomas in other fields, some will doubt of my ability to write about software development. For those, take a small risk … Read me, and maybe you will have the suprise to discover something. And in my dreams, you will maybe change your mind, and find some interesting articles.

For more details, you can read my About page.

You can follow me on social networks, where all articles will be relayed, and speak about this blog around you.